Sell off certain Selected Homme Ryan Leather jacket - Men ASOS x Biker

Sell off certain Selected Homme Ryan Leather jacket - Men ASOS x Biker

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Nick Robertson had run a marketing company
(Nick Robertson) 6/2000 in London with "ASOS"
This is the brand that launched e-COMMERCE site that started.

Meaning of the name is ASOS
"And appeared in movies and TV shows are the same goods that, to sell.
The idea from the "As Seen On Screen (seen on the screen).

"Fast fashion" is popular among young people
Began to seek the celebs fashion
Dreams about young women's original brand launched.

This original brand exceeds expectations
became popular and was suddenly featured brand.

on the brand to the customer list Hollywood array.
Mrs. Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States
Being a fan of the ASOS are well known.


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Model's height: 6 ' 1 "/185.5 cm
Model is wearing: a Size Medium

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Sell off certain Selected Homme Ryan Leather jacket - Men ASOS x Biker